A guide to hair spray


Choosing the perfect hairspray can be difficult, especially if you have special requirements such as cruelty free or vegan only.  Rather than search for 'the one' many of us settle for the same products we’ve used for years whilst merely pretending that they don’t make our hair crunchy and dry.  At La Brûmée however we are convinced that there is the perfect hairspray for everyone and are here to share our picks of the best hairsprays available right now.


1.  Josh Rosebrook - Hair Spray Firm Hold

For those of you looking for a natural hairspray, look no further than Josh Rosebrook’s Firm Hold hair spray.  This vegan and cruelty free product contains a host of natural ingredients and herbal infusions to provide hold whilst keeping your hair soft and even claiming to encourage hair growth.  With a natural ethos and beautiful products, we think this might just be your new favourite hair brand.


2. Paul Mitchell - Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray

Some of us need a helping hand when it comes to getting some serious bounce in our hair and one product that will give you just that is Paul Mitchell’s Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray.  This powerful spray adds shine whilst providing all day volume and the appearance of thicker, bouncier hair. We also love this brand for their strong stance on animal testing and commitment to cruelty free cosmetics which has remained unchanged over the years, they even refused to sell their products in China when animal testing became a legal requirement here.


3.  Aveda Air Control Hair Spray

Another impressive cruelty free find, this Aveda product is the epitome of a flexible hold hairspray, as despite its impressive hold hair remains soft and importantly without the stiffness that many long hold hairsprays come with.  Bonus points for being cruelty free too!



If you like the idea of a scented hair spray that also refreshes your hair, why not consider La Brûmêe.  This range of hair fragrance is certified organic and contains absolutely no nasties just natural, good for your hair ingredients.  The sprays contain aloe vera which helps to refresh your hair and remove any residue, leaving you with beautifully fresh and nourished hair.


We hope you liked our picks of the best hairsprays out there right now and would love to hear of your favourites in the comments below!


Laura Davis