Best dry shampoos on the market


You should know by now that here at La Brûmée, we love fresh hair and one of our secret ways to keep hair fresh for longer is dry shampoo. We recently gave you our top tips on how to use dry shampoo and now we’re back to share our favourite dry shampoos on the market!


1. Batiste

We couldn’t give our top picks of dry shampoo without including Batiste.  The brand took the UK by storm years ago and have continued to expand their range with various scents, formulas and even a dry conditioner.  What makes the brand extra special, is that they are cruelty free and incredibly affordable.  They also have great powder formulations which really give your hair an extra boost, perfect for updos.



Want in on what Kim K uses on her locks?  If so, you’re in luck. OUAI is the high quality range of hair products from the Kardashians’ long time hair stylist, Jen Atkin.  A star product of her range is the dry shampoo foam.  This product has a super luxurious feel (and is slightly more expensive to reflect that) but comes with a beautiful scent and really does refresh your hair.  What’s more, this product is free from both animal testing and parabens.


3. Lush.

If you’re looking for a guilt free dry shampoo, look no further than Lush’s No Drought dry shampoo. Vegan, cruelty free and reasonably priced this is the perfect pick for those of us who are concerned about the ethics of our favourite beauty brands too.  Plus, this product uses natural ingredients such as grapefruit and lime to really rid you of greasy locks.


4.  Philip Kingsley

Phillip Kingsley’s dry shampoo offering is named “One More Day”, however we think it will help us get two (or three!) more days out of our blow dry.  What’s great about this product is that it really does cleanse your hair and scalp, rather than just masking your hair with an overly powerful fragrance.  The magic ingredients here are Zinc PCA, Allantoin and Bisabolol,which help to remove product buildup and really refresh your hair.


5.  La Brûmée

At La Brûmée, we like to think of our hair fragrances as the new generation of dry shampoos as not only do they act as the perfect hair freshener,as the aloe vera in our products cleanses your hair and scalp, but they also have the most beautiful scents which make those days where you skip your hair wash feel just as good as when you have freshly washed hair.  Just like Lush, we are a super conscious company and all our products are organic, vegan and cruelty free. What more could you want?


We would love to hear what your favourite dry shampoo is and exactly why you love it in the comments below!



Laura Davis