Saint Patrick’s Day : How to go green with you haircare routine ?


Saint Patrick’s Day is nearly here and we’re sticking with the green theme to give you the low down on organic beauty and just why you should consider going green.

What is organic beauty?

Organic beauty refers to beauty products that are formulated using only organic ingredients which are grown without using synthetic fertilisers, parabens or genetically modified ingredients, so basically, no nasties!

Why go green?

Firstly, organic hair and beauty products tend to be made with higher quality ingredients, just as you would expect with organic food.  Higher quality ingredients mean higher quality finished products, which often produce superior results.

Secondly, a huge benefit of organic cosmetics relates to what they don't contain - harmful ingredients that can aggravate your skin, scalp and hair.  Ingredients such as formaldehyde, parabens and phthalates have been labelled as toxic by some experts, suggesting that they can wreak havoc with your hormones. Some have even gone as far to suggest that the use of such ingredients in cosmetics can be linked to cancer.

Thirdly, it's not just you that will benefit from choosing to go green with your beauty products, the environment will also reap some of the rewards.  Many organic beauty companies have more of a conscience when it comes to recyclable or biodegradable packaging which means that you will be producing far less waste than you would by using your regular non-organic products.  The ingredients themselves will also be guilt free due to the lack of harmful chemicals in any products that make their way into our water (such as shampoos, body washes etc.). Organic products won't cause any harm or pollute our water in the same way regular beauty ingredients are suggested to.  Think of it as doing Mother Nature and your hair a favour!


Now you know the benefits of green beauty, let's dive in to great organic options for your hair!


  • Shampoo

Ever wanted to create your very own shampoo?  Yep, us too! Well now you can with the help of Neal's Yard who offer a Create Your Own Hair and Body Wash.  This organic wash can be used as it is bought or can be mixed with your favourite essential oils to create your custom shampoo -  a great way to tailor your products for your very own haircare needs!

Another great organic shampoo is Rahua's Classic Shampoo.  This luxurious shampoo is great for very dry hair as its jelly form is already super moisturising, then pair this with the absence of the drying chemicals that so many non-organic shampoos contain and you have some serious hydration for your hair!

  • Conditioner

A great, gentle conditioner which is also organic is Josh Rosebrook's Balance Conditioner.  This lightweight product in hair spray form contains aloe vera and shea butter to nourish your hair but also has the added benefit of ginseng, rosemary and oregano to stimulate hair growth - win win! For those of us with fine hair, Philip B Weightless Conditioning Water is an organic hair wonder.  Its organic ingredients help to both hydrate and illuminate your hair all without the heaviness of a regular conditioner.

  • Treatments

One of the coolest organic hair treatments we've found is the Yuni Beauty Hot Head Microveil Hair Treatment.  This revolutionary product is activated by your body heat (it is recommended to apply it before you work out) to hydrate your hair and help to repair damaged locks. Where would we be without argan oil?  With very dry hair probably. Many of the hair oils on the market contain extra ingredients to preserve the product which can be overly harsh for your hair and undo all the hard work the argan oil was designed to do.  This is where The Ordinary comes to the rescue once again with a stripped back but ultra effective oil, that really contains only the good stuff. Their cold pressed Moroccon Argan Oil fulfills every promise it makes all whilst being organic, fuss free and budget friendly(!).

  • Dry Shampoo

No hair routine is complete without dry shampoo and this goes for organic haircare routines too.  A’kin has you covered here - a super conscious company that is vegan, cruelty free, free from parabens and sulphates and fully recyclable packaging that happens to have a great dry shampoo. Hint: if you like this product then you’re in luck as they have a whole range of equally innocent hair products for you to discover. Organic cosmetics may seem way too confusing at first but there really are a whole wealth of finds out there that promise to be good and do good both by you and the environment!   So why not go green with your haircare routine and tell us your favourite organic beauty finds below.

Laura Davis