How to use dry shampoo ?


You’ve seen it, you’ve heard about it but you still don’t quite know what it is or how you should be using it and quite frankly, you want in on the dry shampoo secret all beauty enthusiasts rave about.  Well you’re in the right place, La Brûmée is here to explain exactly what it is and just why you need dry shampoo in your life.

What is dry shampoo?

Generally speaking, dry shampoo is shampoo often in a hairspray or powder form that unlike traditional shampoos, does not require water. This powder works by absorbing oil and grease your scalp has produced - giving you a few extra days before your next hair wash.  However, although dry shampoo can help you wash your hair less, it shouldn’t replace your normal hair wash routine.

How to use it?

1. Gradually

If you are consciously trying to wash your hair less (read more about why this is a good idea here (link to previous blog post on washing your hair less) then try applying your dry shampoo gradually.  Firstly try applying just through your parting, gradually increasing throughout the week.  This way means that you avoid the risk of overloading your hair with product.

2. Pre gym

If you are a fitness fanatic but are also concerned about overwashing your hair, dry shampoo could be the perfect solution for you.  Dry shampoo can be used pre or post workout as the ultimate on the go hair freshener.

3. In a rush

It happens to the best of us, you’ve put your hair wash off for a couple of days, promising that tonight is the night, then tonight rolls around and you’re invited out.  Panic sets in and you’re debating your options, do you cancel or venture out with painfully greasy hair? Neither - you opt for the laziest blow dry of all time - the dry shampoo blow dry.

Simply flip your hair upside down and blast your hair throughout - this is an emergency so go hard or go home.  Once you have applied your dry shampoo of choice, use your hair dryer and a round brush and blow dry your hair as you would normally.  Add an extra spritz through your parting and you should be left with a bouncy blow dry. We find this method particularly useful for minimising any telltale white patches.

4. For some extra oomph whilst styling

Dry shampoo can be a saving grace when creating styling for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it will give you heaps of extra body and secondly, it will give your updos some extra staying power.  Powder formulas work especially well for this, concentrate on your roots when applying, massaging the product in to help  give your roots some added volume. 


Hopefully after reading our suggestions, you’ll no longer be wary of dry shampoo.  If you’ve got any other ideas on how to use your favourite dry shampoo, let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for our top dry shampoo picks.


Picture by @this_is_aannaaiiss

Laura Davis