Why you shouldn't use your regular perfume on your hair.


We've all done it, spritzed our hair along with the rest of ourselves when we reach for our favorite fragrance.  

However, as tempting as it may be due to the desire for sweet smelling hair and let’s face it, sheer convenience, this common habit can actually be seriously problematic for your hair.

what’s the problem with your normal perfume?

Firstly your regular perfume will contain high amounts of alcohol, which, will dehydrate your hair, leaving it feeling particularly dry.  These high levels of alcohol can also seriously aggravate your scalp leading to itchiness and flaking - no thanks!

You can also expect an increase in frizz and your colour to fade much faster because, you guessed it, of the alcohol levels.  What’s worse is your regular perfume will contain absolutely zero ingredients to counteract the effects of alcohol on your hair, for example some form of hydration, meaning that it really is just zapping your hair of much needed moisture. 

So... what’s the solution?

To use your regular fragrance and suffer the consequences of very dry hair?  To put up with smelly hair? To overwash to ensure you smell fresh?  Nope, this is where hair fragrance comes in. 

Hair perfume has really upped its game recently, providing beautifully scented hair mists that also care for your hair.  Meaning that you get great smelling hair without the harshness of your usual perfume. 

We give you the best hair mists on the market right now:

Sachajuan’s hair perfume is the perfect hair protector during the summer months as it contains UV protection for your hair, but unlike most other products that protect from the sun’s rays, it is ultra lightweight.  This is also great for very dry hair as it helps to give a super sleek finish.

La Brûmée offers a range of hair mists that are the ultimate hair accessory for all the boho babes.  All of their hair perfumes are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.  They also lack most of the nasty ingredients that are found in abundance in other beauty products - think parabens and silicone.  What’s really great about La Brûmée, besides being a natural hairspray, is that the products really work to refresh your hair as they contain aloe vera. Aloe vera naturally exfoliates which means that you will have to use far less dry shampoo, due to it’s lightweight and invisible nature it is also a great alternative to dry shampoo for dark hair.

  • The one for shine: Percy & Reed

A firm favourite for many, Percy & Reed’s Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray delivers both a beautiful fragrance and beautiful sheen for your hair.  Slightly different to other hair perfumes, this products comes in an aerosol rather than the spray of a perfume but don’t let this fool you, this still gives you seriously glossy locks and extra shiny hair.  It also earns extra brownie points for being sulphate free! So there you have it, exactly why you should skip your hair when you are using your regular shampoo and an overview of some of the best hair mists on the market.  Let us know your favourite hair fragrances below and exactly why you love them!


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