Post Coachella Hair Rehab


Coachella has hit the headlines recently and it seems as though we are the only ones who weren’t lucky enough to be at the celeb filled festival - major FOMO!  For those of you that were lucky enough to be there this year, we expect that you may be feeling slightly fragile and the same can probably be said about your hair.  Fear not, we’re here to check your dry hair into La Brûmée’s Coachella Hair Rehab.


Freshen up

One thing your hair may be lacking is freshness and its usual beautiful scent.  For a quick fix whilst you’re waiting until you’re back with your home comforts,use a hair fragrance such as La Brûmée. These hair mists help to moisturise and cleanse your hair plus the choice of scents are the ultimate pick me up.


Dial down the heat

If there’s anything that will parch your hair it’s a few days in the dessert. You can minimise the damage that this has caused to your hair by forgoing heat styling once you’re back home. You can recreate your festival waves with bendy foam rollers, simply take your hair into around eight sections and leave the rollers in overnight. Brush out the next morning and add some texturising spray, once these have dropped you will have waves that will last the whole day.


Lather up

As per most festival experiences, unless you are a celeb staying in luxury, you may have had to forgo your usual beauty routine and if you’ve been campling, that defintely means you’ve missed a hair wash or two!  Once you're back with running water, add a moisturising shampoo to your routine, we love Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturising Shampoo.  This product contains buriti oil and pomegranate extracts to moisturise and is sulphate and cruelty free - winner!


Get your beauty sleep

A big part of any rehab programme is ensuring you get sufficient sleep, but in this case it’s beauty sleep.  Use this time to add an intense moisturising mask to your hair routine.  A great hair mask for dry hair, which is specifically designed for overnight use, is Grow Gorgeous Overnight to Gorgeous Mask - expect seriously silky hair in the morning.


Treat yo scalp

Chances are that your hair and scalp could do with some TLC, especially if you have caught the sun on your scalp (many of us forget that your hair and scalp need sun protection too).  Treat yourself to an at home scalp massage with a soothing oil.  We love The Ordinary’s Moroccan Oil for this - work into your roots for five minutes for nourished hair and some serious stress relief.


If you follow our suggestions, we think your hair will be ready to check out of rehab in no time, however with a summer of festivals about to start, stay tuned for our tips on how to prevent damage and care for your hair throughout festival season.

Laura Davis