Spring into Summer Beauty Prep with La Brûmée


The clocks going forward this week have only got us thinking about one thing...summer!  Long evenings, (hopefully) warm weather and those long awaited trips abroad.  Now we’re on the summer countdown, it seems only right that we start our summer beauty prep, so when summer finally arrives we’ve perfected beachy waves, minimal makeup and of course, perfect pins.  Read on for La Brûmée’s guide on exactly how to do this.


UK summers often consist of an unexpected couple of days of glorious sunshine which disappears just as quickly as it arrived.  To avoid being caught out this year, start your preparation early and be consistent, that way when we do have a sudden heatwave you will be ready to bare all (well maybe just your legs) with no prior warning needed.  To do this, start incorporating dry body brushing into your regime, this will remove any dead skin, even skin tone and help reduce the appearance of cellulite - let’s face it most of us worry about all three. Great options are available from both The Body Shop and Elemis.

Now is also the perfect time for a trip to the chiropodist to ensure that your feet are also ready for flip flop season - if you do need treatments they can be spread out over the next couple of weeks so that when sandal season is upon us your feet will be polished to perfection.


Coming out of winter, hair needs some serious attention - the cold weather paired with central heating and styling can leave hair looking and feeling like it needs some major TLC.

The first thing to do is make a trip to your hairdressers and surrender a few inches to really get rid of any split ends and make hair look and feel thicker.  Very dry hair will also benefit from an in salon treatment. For many of us, this will be the first trip to the hairdressers since Christmas, so it is also a perfect opportunity to go slightly lighter with your colour - it’s best to gradually add highlights if you are aiming for lighter locks in the summer.  That way you will avoid any harsh colour changes and avoid unnecessary damage to your hair.

Fresh scents are also a must for hair during the spring - one way to incorporate this into your regime is through shampoos and hair fresheners - try Batiste’s dry shampoo in the blush fragrance or La Brûmée’s hair mist in Brume Fraîche.


This is the time to really up your skin care to prepare for minimal makeup in the summer months.  For premium skin care without the price tag try The Ordinary’s products - their niacinamide solution is great for spot prone skin and helps improve clarity whilst their range of serums cater to almost any skin complaint.

Now is also the time to treat any more serious scarring that may be bothering you through the likes of treatments such as Dermaroller or laser treatments. These treatments need to be carried out six weeks apart so the sooner you start the better. By focusing on your skincare now you should be much happier in the skin you’re in when the summer rolls around. 


Declutter your makeup bag and lighten up on your base by switching over to lighter products for the spring, with less coverage and fresh colours being the ultimate spring go tos.  For many of us, bare skin is the goal for summer beauty but this can seem a bit daunting at first, spring is therefore the best time to opt for products that enhance rather than conceal to act as a gradual progression to bared faced summer beauty. 

Our pick for the perfect spring base is Chantecaille’s Just Skin Anti Smog Tinted Moisturiser - this perfects and evens your skin tone, providing a super natural finish - giving the confidence of makeup but in a much softer way. 


So that’s how we will be getting summer ready, repairing any damage that our hair may have incurred over the winter months, sloughing away any dead skin on those pins and making sure we have the perfect base for super natural summer makeup.  Let us know how you will be preparing for the summer in the comments section below!

Laura Davis