Winter Hair Rescue Guide

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We've almost made it through the winter but if there's one thing that's suffering, it's our hair.  The colder weather the winter months bring can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dry, frazzled and unmanageable.  But fear not, La Brûmée has got you covered with the below Winter Hair Rescue Guide.

In-salon treatments

If you colour your hair, you need to invest in a high quality, in salon treatment.  A firm favourite is Olaplex, an intense two step treatment that actually repairs damaged hair follicles with results that you can really see and feel.  For best results, ask your colourist to mix step 1 in with your colour - step 2 can then be applied as a mask once your hair has been rinsed.  There is also a third step available for an at home treatment which you might also want to use if you have very dry hair.


Ditch the bleach

Many of us favour darker locks in the winter, which means that it is a great excuse to cut back on the bleach which without a doubt damages hair.  This isn’t to say that you have to sacrifice being blonde altogether, opting for only colour and no bleach, will however, give you a chance to experiment with different hues, including honey and golden tones. If you're feeling really brave, you could forgo colour completely, saving money and letting your roots show for a more natural look, just think of it as a DIY ombre.


Ditch the heat

We all know that heat isn’t great for our hair, but heat paired with hair that is already parched during the winter months can cause even more damage. Experiment with easy no heat hairstyles, such as twisting your hair into a loose bun whilst you sleep to create soft waves, to help you resist the temptation of heat styling.


Do your homework

Many of the products we use on our hair contain harsh chemicals, especially those found in hairspray and shampoo.  Sulphates are often used in shampoo to create that lovely lather but can be overly harsh and strip hair of its natural oils.  Search for sulphate free shampoo for a gentler cleanse and  consider switching to organic haircare.  Explore hair mist brands like La Brûmée for organic, naturally fragranced, hairspray which also happen to be vegan and cruelty free!  As their mists contain aloe vera, they help to exfoliate your scalp making this one of the best hairsprays to refresh your hair whilst tackling scalp odour.



If you don't already, you should incorporate masks into your weekly routine to really nourish your dry hair. If your bank balance took part in dry January then coconut oil can be used in place of a shop bought mask. To really get the most out of your mask, leave it on overnight - just make sure you use a towel to protect your pillowcase!


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